loosen up my buttons babe ;D

if I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors.

when he died,
I needed you to be there.
my rock, my shoulder, my best friend.
you were there,
in front of me.
didn’t give me the time of day,
didn’t look at me,
I did not exist to you.
I cannot forgive you.

affection is not just something that you associate with love & romance - there are people you know and meet, who somehow just are part of your life and for no explainable reason, they bring a certain happiness to your day, kind of.. where you’d really miss their lack of a presence if something happened.

but deep inside,
I like it when you tell me
I’m beautiful
and gorgeous.

i need to find myself. 

for once,
I felt
whole again.

the way
you held my hand
for the first time
i want it
i want to feel
the wholeness in my hands again
i want the rush of
and your soft lips
on the back of my neck again
and your hands
holding my delicate waistline
with precision.

-savira ravianne

I can’t help but to whisper
and stare
in my melancholy state
for answers
and asking why
how I’ve
damned myself
I see,
I see that it is the darkest
before dawn
and I think
I have found
but am too afraid
to let go
of the night.

-savira ravianne

when you hold on to me 

i feel this tingling sensation 

that spirals up and down 

my spine 

how electrifying it feels 

to be touched and

to be loved 

by your hands 

to be kissed 

on the very hollow 

of my neck 

to have you

up against me 

back and forth again

-savira ravianne

i’m excited to be starting a wordpress (as for now, hopefully I’ll have my own name as a domain in a future website later, but for now..) 

I really want to blog about my adventures - 

I’m heading to Europe this summer and I am very blessed and excited

:) tumblr is for when i need to rant, while wordpress is more professional side of me lol. 

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